Art Pod – A Great Success!

Submitted by: Helen Duckworth
Federation of Canadian Artists
1241 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B7

Art Pod

This spring at the Granville Island Public Market, the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in co-operation with the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation, are bringing arts to the people.

Vancouver, BC: Art Pod is an initiative that will change the way you think about art and the artists that create it. Every weekend this spring when you pay a visit to the Granville Island Public Market, you’ll not only get your food fix, but an art fix as well.

Located at the entrance of the market, Art Pod features between 1-3 artists at a time, up to 6 artists a day, every weekend. “Outgoing, friendly and undeniably talented, today’s artists are a new breed and we’re pleased to represent over 2,400 of them!”, says FCA Executive Director Patrick Meyer who spearheaded the project.

Feel free to snap a picture, ask them a question or just enjoy bearing witness to creativity as it hits canvas. The artists are there to paint and interact with you, as Active FCA member Sheila Neufeld found out during her time at Art Pod in April, “My time at Art Pod was thoroughly enjoyable. It was a wonderful platform for meeting other FCA artists. A rare opportunity to paint at such a busy location, I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to interact with the public and would gladly participate again”.

Once you’ve had your fill of art in action, take a walk down Cartwright Street towards the Granville Island Hotel to see the Federation gallery itself at 1241 Cartwright. Open 10 AM – 4 PM, Tuesday – Sunday, it’s your chance to see artworks in a variety of media and styles from artists painting right now. Exhibitions rotate every two weeks, so there’s always something new to see.

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is located at 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B7. They are a non-profit registered charity of over 2,400 members throughout Canada, with a gallery located on Granville Island dedicated to supporting, sharing and preserving the visual arts and artists throughout Canada. Founded in 1941 by members of the Group of Seven, the FCA offers exhibitions, workshops, competitions, and professional development courses for emerging and established artists.



FCA Postcard Contest

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Exclusively for FCA members, this new online exhibition and competition opportunity challenges artists to create an engaging image on a 4″ x 6″ support.

Artists stand the chance to win cash prizes in addition to having their artwork featured on the official FCA postcards, available for sale from the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.

The idea for the contest came about as Helen Duckworth, the FCA Gallery Coordinator grappled for ideas for a third online exhibition and competition for the FCA:

“Online exhibitions are becoming an important service for our membership” she says. “Many of our members who don’t live in Vancouver feel that the cost of delivering artwork is preventing them from participating,” she empathises “…so it’s important for the FCA to utilise new technologies to improve upon our services to these members”.

Duckworth came across an old FCA postcard design in storage by Edward J.Loenen, a past member. “I found these beautiful postcards hidden in a box, I put them out and they really hit a chord with visitors and tourists” she says.

The subject matter isn’t restricted to views of the FCA gallery either, in fact the call is open to all subject matter.

To learn more about the exhibition guidelines, prizes and to get your submission in before April 30th, visit the submission page here.





The Federation Studio – Q & A


We’ve applied to rent a retail space on Granville Island part-way between the market and the Federation Gallery that we would like to make available as studio space to our Active and Signature member artists. Currently, we are short-listed for the opportunity to rent this space.

Whether the project goes ahead is dependent on a few factors not the least of which is whether we have enough demand from our members for this type of service. There’s no point having a studio if members don’t want it. So, we’re conducting a preliminary survey to get a better understanding if (and to what which extent) there is an interest in such a new service by you and other members.

The Plan:

If we are successful in our bid, this retail space will be set up as an atelier where the public are invited in to see artists at work. We’ll have four stations where artists can paint; where you can promote yourself and advertise your services. We’ll also provide a gallery area from which participating artists can sell their finished work.

We’ll be creating a schedule so artists can rent the space on a rotating basis. Want to book every first week of the month? Just an occasional day? The entire month of February? Let’s see what we can do. Availability will be subject to demand.

While this program is primarily meant for members in the Metro-Vancouver area, all Active and Signature members will qualify for this program. And once this is operational perhaps we can duplicate this in other cities too!


I am building a list of members who want to be part of this right from day one. If you are interested in renting a spot in the Federation Studio please send me an email at Having your name on this list ensures you’ll be contacted first if we’re successful at getting the space.

Do you have any questions? 

If your question hasn’t yet been answered please feel free to post your questions in the comment section below. We’ll post corresponding answers as time allows. This way we are able to collect and publicly provide answers to re-occurring questions.

Ten Squared – Press Release


The affordable way to start or add to your art collection.

Vancouver, BC: Between November 10 – 22, 2015, the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) on Granville Island will give both avid art collectors and new-to-the-market types, a rare opportunity to purchase fine art originals for the affordable price of $150*.

“Ten Squared” features over 150 artworks all sized 10” x 10” made by FCA member and non-member artists from both Canada and abroad. Artworks feature a variety of subject matter, mediums and styles. There are no reproductions and no giclée here, only raw pigment, brushstrokes, blood, sweat and tears.

A portion of all art sales from “Ten Squared” will assist the FCA as a non-profit charity in continuing to provide and improve the services and programming they offer to emerging artists, established artists and the public. These include educational and exhibition opportunities, networking events, professional development courses, free family holiday activities, annual international art competitions, and free entry year-round to between 18 – 20 exhibitions hosted at their gallery.

Often we deny ourselves the opportunity to claim an artwork that touched us, because we just can’t justify the expense of lavish art commodities. Yet we’re prepared to spend hundreds on things like restaurant meals and nights out. Things that live on as unvisited photographs in the album of a cell phone, things that don’t last, things that date too soon.

Do yourself a favour and invest a nominal sum for something you can enjoy often, repeatedly, daily even.

The gallery will be open from 10 AM – 4 PM from November 10 – 22nd at 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC. Learn more at

*plus tax

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is a non-profit registered charity of over 2,000 members throughout Canada, with a gallery located on Granville Island dedicated to supporting, sharing and preserving the visual arts and artists throughout Canada. Founded in 1941 by professional artists including members of the Group of Seven, the FCA offers exhibitions, workshops, competitions, and professional development courses for emerging and established artists.

Shipping your painting to the FCA gallery


By Ted Fraser
Gallery Technician

With the exception of Canada Post and Greyhound Courier (see below), all shipments from the major couriers (FedEx, Purolator and UPS) MUST have pre-arranged return shipment in place. Federation Gallery will not act on behalf of the artist in any way other than to re-pack your artwork and request a pickup once the exhibition is over.

If you arrange for shipping online, you can generate a return waybill within the form.

  • For FedEx, click ‘include return label’ in the package and shipment details portion of the form.
  • For Purolator, go to ‘ship and track’, then to create return shipment.
  • For UPS, click create return shipment on the home page.

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FCA Art Workshops and Classes – Autumn 2015


Back to school! As the poet Mark Strand already knew: “There is now end to what we can learn”. With that in mind we created an engaging education program with workshops and classes for artists at every level.

There are workshops that will help you boost your creativity such as Barbara Cadario’s class, “Art Journaling: An Adventure in Creativity”, workshops that will encourage students to challenge boundaries and try new media such as Drew Young’s class “Oil Painting in Abstraction” and workshops that to refine your skills in a certain medium such as Janice Robertson’s class Acrylic Techniques – A Study of Nature” or Gaye Adams’ workshop “Alla Prima Oils – Fast and Fresh”.

The popular Monday’s at the Gallery series offers 1 to 2-day workshops, which are held at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. Our Weekend Workshops are usually 2-day classed held at different locations in Metro Vancouver.

To find out more about our various workshops and to register online, visit our website here.