Shipping your painting to the FCA gallery

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By Ted Fraser
Gallery Technician

With the exception of Canada Post and Greyhound Courier (see below), all shipments from the major couriers (FedEx, Purolator and UPS) MUST have pre-arranged return shipment in place. Federation Gallery will not act on behalf of the artist in any way other than to re-pack your artwork and request a pickup once the exhibition is over.

If you arrange for shipping online, you can generate a return waybill within the form.

  • For FedEx, click ‘include return label’ in the package and shipment details portion of the form.
  • For Purolator, go to ‘ship and track’, then to create return shipment.
  • For UPS, click create return shipment on the home page.

Canada Post

Federation Gallery is again accepting shipments from Canada Post. The gallery will contact you for your credit card information and generate a waybill with it. The gallery does not keep credit card information on file so you are contacted each time a painting is to be returned.

 Greyhound Courier

Greyhound doesn’t require credit card pre-payment. They will call you when your package is at the depot closest to you and you pay for the shipment when you pick it up. You can have them deliver to your door but they don’t go everywhere and of course, it’s more costly.


If collecting your painting(s) in person, please arrange for delivery of the artwork on or following, the Thursday after the final day of the exhibition. This allows time for the gallery team to organize your work for expedient pick up. Thereafter, please collect your artworks as soon as possible. We have limited storage and paintings being rearranged regularly. While every precaution is taken to protect your artwork, the longer it is in storage, the higher the possibility of damage.

Please note if you are sending a representative, friend or family member to collect your artwork, please email written confirmation including the person’s full name and contact information, and the collection date to Be aware your representative will have their identification checked by gallery staff and if it does not match or we do not have emailed confirmation, we will not release any works to them.

If you ship your painting to the gallery, every effort will be made to return it as soon as possible after the exhibition has ended. Please be aware that while the gallery office is open 5 days a week, shipments from the gallery take place only 3 days out of the week and returns can take 2 weeks or more from the end of an exhibition. Should you need to have your painting returned by a certain date, please contact the gallery at or call 604.681.8634.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Ted Fraser at or call the gallery at 604.681.8534


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