The Federation Studio – Q & A

FCA Head Office News, Special Announcement

We’ve applied to rent a retail space on Granville Island part-way between the market and the Federation Gallery that we would like to make available as studio space to our Active and Signature member artists. Currently, we are short-listed for the opportunity to rent this space.

Whether the project goes ahead is dependent on a few factors not the least of which is whether we have enough demand from our members for this type of service. There’s no point having a studio if members don’t want it. So, we’re conducting a preliminary survey to get a better understanding if (and to what which extent) there is an interest in such a new service by you and other members.

The Plan:

If we are successful in our bid, this retail space will be set up as an atelier where the public are invited in to see artists at work. We’ll have four stations where artists can paint; where you can promote yourself and advertise your services. We’ll also provide a gallery area from which participating artists can sell their finished work.

We’ll be creating a schedule so artists can rent the space on a rotating basis. Want to book every first week of the month? Just an occasional day? The entire month of February? Let’s see what we can do. Availability will be subject to demand.

While this program is primarily meant for members in the Metro-Vancouver area, all Active and Signature members will qualify for this program. And once this is operational perhaps we can duplicate this in other cities too!


I am building a list of members who want to be part of this right from day one. If you are interested in renting a spot in the Federation Studio please send me an email at Having your name on this list ensures you’ll be contacted first if we’re successful at getting the space.

Do you have any questions? 

If your question hasn’t yet been answered please feel free to post your questions in the comment section below. We’ll post corresponding answers as time allows. This way we are able to collect and publicly provide answers to re-occurring questions.


28 thoughts on “The Federation Studio – Q & A

  1. Congrats and thanks for trying to set this up!
    When you say FCA is looking to rent that retail space, are you planning to pass the rental costs on to the artists?
    Or are you inviting artists to use the space at no cost to the artist? If FCA will not be charging a fee to the artists for this, I would certainly be interesting in participating in that on an occasional studio day basis at any time.
    Is this a street level space… or are there stairs, elevator, out of sight of public?
    Can you post a photo or 2 of that space?
    Thanks… Susannah

    1. The FCA is presently not receiving ANY grants, so yes, the costs will need to be born by those who use the space. That being said, the Federation is a non-profit and a charity and we are using this fact, and our status as being a community of well-established artists, to qualify for this space – which is highly subsidized by CMHC, as is the Federation Gallery.

      The space is street-level, yes.
      No photos available yet.
      More information to come as it becomes available.

      1. Thanks for your feedback Cheryl.
        We actually do have a number of members from out of town planning to use the space for a few days or week at a time – including a couple from Calgary. But whether you want to partake in this Studio depends on whether you feel the need to break into the Vancouver market.
        AND, I’ve had a few people telling me they’d be interested in a Calgary Studio. I’m open to the idea. I’ll work out the details here and then see if I can be of any help in Calgary.

  2. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about this opportunity. If you post your questions here I’ll do my best to answer them. Please note that not all of the details have been worked out on this project. There’s still time for you to have your input.

    1. The $199 is per week.
      We’re presently looking at ways of reducing this cost, but I’m not keen on quoting an optimistic price and then having to come back with something more expensive later.

  3. Hi Patrick,
    I would be interested in this, thanks for being open to new opportunities. What I would really love is a once a week salon for new Active members to get to know each other and paint, with guidance from interested AFCA’s and SFCA’s.
    The reason I joined FCA, was with the hope of meeting like- minded artists to share and learn from. I would be most interested in hearing your ideas on how to do this.
    I would love to be part of friendly, non- judgemental critique group.
    Is there a chance that this could also be incorporated?
    All the best.

    1. Hello Victoria,
      Yes, this is usually done at the chapter-level but presently we don’t have chapters in Metro-Vancouver. I’m working on that.
      But, yes, in short we can incorporate this sort of thing, but it will take time, effort, and attention. We’ll need additional volunteer involvement to make additional programs happen without incurring higher costs to members.

      But, one leap at a time. First the Studio in Vancouver. Next perhaps Vancouver chapters or studios elsewhere.


      1. Victoria volunteering. Noted. 🙂
        Having a list of volunteers ready to help will help us in our bid to win this subsidized space!

  4. Brilliant idea! I have emailed you, Patrick, with lots of thoughts. In brief: a weekly critique class, yes! Perhaps artists can rent a small space of a wall to curate their own work! Meeting other artists in the neighborhood, yes! And good ventilation, yes!

    1. You’re right Barbara, this space will allow for so many activities.
      I’m working through the business plan now to make sure that the budget works, but with CMHC’s help this could be a wonderful space that creates so much more community for artists and stronger ties between artists and art-appreciators.

  5. i would be interested in a week spot occasionally as i am from out of town. i wold like to see easels for use of our finished paintings for sale to help pay for that spot. a cheap sleeping area is necessary for any out of towners. any ideas in the housing area?

    1. Yes, we’ve had a lot of out-of-towners interested in renting a few days or a week. It’ll be a great way to break into a new market.
      We’ll need to equip the space with easels and tables, yes.
      Cheap sleeping might be a challenge. But I’ll do some thinking and talking on that.

  6. I think this is a terrific concept! I have a couple of questions:
    1) How large do you anticipate each artist’s workspace to be?
    2) Would we be able to sell merchandise such as art cards and prints, as well as original work, when we’re renting the space?
    Thanks for the hard work to even attempt to make this happen!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      1. Not including the washroom and clean-up area there’ll be about 800 sqft for four artists. We’ll allocate some to storage (so you have somewhere to put you purse and supplies you’re not using), but most of this space would be open for use by the four resident artists.
      2. You will have wall space for selling your original works. Whether we’ll allow prints, cards, books, etc is yet to be determined.

      I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the application this week so early in December I’ll have a completed picture then. And then around the middle of December we’ll hear from CMHC on their decision.

  7. Hi Patrick,

    I am interested in the workshop area. It is a really wonderful idea for artists to work on their products and sell them to be recognized by the society. I was wondering if the artists will be allowed to work continuously in these facilities ?
    Is there going to be an option according to this ?
    Also when do we get to know if our application is accepted ?
    I would appreciate it if you could help me out with these questions.
    thank you.

    1. Hello Engin,
      We’ll hear back from the LEasibng Commitee aeound the middle of December, but no specific date has been set as far as I know. Once I know (one way or the other) I’ll be contacting everyone who expressed interest and we can start to assess start-up date (based on the improvements that need to be made in the space.

      Long-term residency in the space isn’t likely to happen. We’ll try to allocated the space as equitably as possible to all Active and Signature members. Having someone rent the space for a long-term will prevent us from sharing amoung the rest of our members.

      But no decisions have been made yet in so far as booking procedure. One step at a time.

  8. As I emailed out to everyone on the Studio contact list, we were not successful in our bid for the space. Competition was tough and though CMHC liked our submission they had a different plan for the space.
    But do not fret! I already have another “iron in the fire”. In the comming months I’ll keep everyone on the Studio list up to date on new developments.

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