Art Avenue – call for submission!


FCA members, are you interested in having your own article published in the next edition of Art Avenue and would like to open your studio doors for a peek inside your personal creative space?

We are seeking submissions from our members for the The Inside View feature in Art Avenue, an FCA publication. Published 6 times per year and distributed to all our members The Inside View takes our readership on a journey through the professional workspaces of some of our most exciting, successful artists.Many aspiring artists do not yet have their own studios, or may be in the process of creating one and this article helps readers see how other artists have shaped and created studios which suit their mediums, practice and personalities.

We are always happy to receive content and news from our members! If you you would like to contribute please read the submission guidelines on  our website at: below and contact Dara McDermott at

7 Reece Mews Studio, London

The British painter, Francis Bacon was very secretive about his painting methods and his studio space, 7 Reece Mews, London, where he worked for the last 30 years of his life. After Bacon’s death, his studio and its entire contents were removed and relocated inside the The Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, Ireland after his death. The Francis Bacon Studio Database is the first computerised archive of the entire contents of a world ranking artist’s studio. Consisting of a kitchen with a bath and living room that doubled as a bedroom, his tiny chaotic studio cluttered with painting materials, canvasses photographs, books, notes, serves as a magnetic database and archive of the artist and his work.

Image result for francis bacon studio teaches us about the artist


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