Buffalo Pound Sculpture Project Worth $160,000

Buffalo Pound Sculpture Project Worth $160,000 
Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. of Regina, Saskatchewan, is commissioning the creation of a large, outdoor, three-dimensional sculptural work of art that represents Indigenous heritage – and is asking for your Expression of Interest. The artist should have experience in working with large pieces of sculpture and have the ability to create and securely place the sculpture in a natural setting. The sculpture is intended to honour Indigenous peoples, particularly those who lived in or depended upon the Great Plains area of Saskatchewan. The sculptural feature is to serve as a remembrance of past generations as well as to transmit Native culture to future generations.
Your Expression of Interest should include information about your personal background and expertise, pictures to serve as examples of your work, and your ideas or suggestions for the piece: i.e. size, materials, rough idea of imagery, etc. Your Expression of Interest will be kept confidential and will be reviewed by a selection committee who will select the top four submissions. Finalists will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal and will receive an honorarium of $1000 for their submission. Inquiries should be directed to Elmer Brenner, artistic coordinator for the project, at elmerb.psc@gmail.com or by calling (306) 530-7196.
The Expression of Interest is due by July 29, 2016 and is to be emailed to Elmer Brenner atelmerb.psc@gmail.com, delivered to Laurie Clark at Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. 809 Victoria Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4N 0R5 by 4:00pm on the due date, or mailed to Laurie Clark at Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. with a postmark no later than July 29, 2016.
Elmer Brenner
Artistic Coordinator
Buffalo Pound Sculpture Project
Download the call for proposals and proposal guidelines from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0hnAxSIKa_icGlaeURVYXdmMUk or https://goo.gl/hRV8kr

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