Call for artists to paint mural in Owen Sound, Ontario.



A Toronto communications company is seeking street-style artists from the Owen

Sound area to paint a large mural in a busy area of downtown Owen Sound.

The mural is sponsored by Koodo Mobile and meant to celebrate and thank Owen

Sound for their incredible support.. The mural content will be comprised of the

many things that make Owen Sound a special place… unique, quirky things that

locals know and love ––– from its beautiful waterfalls, musical roots, or maybe

something that only the artist knows about.

We’re looking for an artist with a colourful, modern illustrative style ––– think the

modern pop murals in downtown Montreal.

Interested artists are asked to email (details below) examples of existing work that

they feel is in line with the request. A shortlist of artists will then be asked to submit

mural designs that incorporate specific elements as requested by the sponsor, in

addition to subject matter that they feel represent Owen Sound and the surrounding


For more information on the application process and selection criteria, please email by Friday, July 22, 2016. The final artist(s) will be

chosen by Koodo Mobile and Camp Jefferson based on the style of their work and

their relationship to Owen Sound.

Selected artist(s) will be contacted July 25, 2016. Artist(s) must be available to

paint the mural in Owen Sound (exact location TBD) for Aug 15 or 22, 2016.

Artist materials (i.e. paint) will be provided.


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