Valley Zoo Development Society (VZDS)


The VZDS is a registered non-for-profit charity in partnership with the Edmonton Valley Zoo who focuses on animal conservation, education, and the revitalization of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Over the past three years VZDS have hosted a ten day winter festival called The Festival of Lights. Edmontonians are invited down to the zoo in the evening for a night of lights, ice, animals, and fun.

During the past few years of Festival of Light, they have created an open-call format for creatives who would be interested in creating a display/installation that would be adorned for the full ten days of Festival of Light and seen by all attendees. Last year alone over 21,000 Edmontonians came down to enjoy the winter together at the zoo.

This year, VZDS is hoping to host some exhibits from individuals that are looking to develop different and unique installations and challenge not only their intellect, but their creativity as well.

Please find attached an application package for the competition that has all the necessary information you may need about this great opportunity: FOL Artist Application 2016
If submissions are successfully selected, the artists are each given $3,500 to use on their installation, regardless if their budget is less than that amount or not.

Festival of Light at Edmonton Valley Zoo 2014 – Ice and Light Sculpture


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