ArtPod Experience


Catherine Adamson is happy to share with us her ArtPod experience.

The Granville Island Marketplace ArtPod is proving to be a great experience for me as an artist. I have been demonstrating my “Free-Flow” method of drip-painting, and the audience participation is stepping up. So far sixteen people have come forward to paint their own canvas and take it home with them. Smiles all around. I have met  many tourists and handed out hundreds of cards over the past two months. I look forward to a few more days there in June.

I am also enjoying meeting the other artists from the FCA. It was my pleasure to watch William Liao paint his beautiful portraits on two separate days. On Saturday, May 21st, I shared the ArtPod with both William and Caroline Dahlmanns in the afternoon. William had a friend, Cory, sit in as his model for himself and Caroline. I decided, for the first time, to also paint his portrait using my Free-Flow method. This was stretching my boundaries to try and drip from a stick an image that was recognizable as a face, let alone resemble the actual model. I love a good challenge and am fairly pleased with my result. It is nothing compared to William and Caroline’s excellent work, but was fun nevertheless.

Included here are the photos of our three portraits of Cory, Caroline Dahlmanns, Catherine Adamson, William Liao.

To the other artists of the FCA, please sign up for at least one session in the ArtPod – you will be glad you did,

Catherine Adamson


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