Escala Public Art Project

Calls for Submissions - Others

Artist Call for Submissions For ESCALA
Ledingham McAllister Communities Ltd.


Project Summary

Focal Art Piece Budget: $235,000

Submission Deadline: April 29th, 2016 @ 4pm PST

Eligibility: Canadian Residents

Contact: Pivotal Urban Art- – 604.932.7798

Completion: 2019 

Ledingham McAllister Communities Ltd. is seeking an artist or team of artists to create a focal public art piece/pieces for their new luxurious high-rise residential development, Escala, in the Brentwood community of Burnaby, B.C. The artist call for this project has two phases. Phase I is a Request for Expressions of Interest and Qualifications (RFQ), which will be used to select up to 5 shortlisted artists. Phase II is the Concept Proposal and Development stage. In Phase II, shortlisted artists will receive $1000 for their proposals and the Public Art Selection Panel will determine the final artist after reviewing the proposals.

The RFQ for Phase I must be completed and submitted by April 29th, 2016 at 4pm PST.

The goal of this project is to create a unique, flowing, and elegant installation to contribute to the City of Burnaby’s public art collection and compliment the design of Escala. 

The budget for the Escala art project includes both the public art water feature and focal art piece/pieces. The focal art piece/pieces for this artist call for submission is $235, 000 for all costs associated with the focal art piece; including but not limited to: artists’ fees, travel, materials, permits as needed, insurance, fabrication, installation, and documentation and all taxes.


RFQ Submissions Deadline: April 29th, 2016 by 4pm PST

Short Listed Artists Selection: May 20th, 2016

Presentations to Panel: June 2016

Production & Fabrication: 2016 – 2018

Installation & Completion:  2019 prior to tower occupancy


Selection Process & Submission Criteria 

Phase I. Selection Process & Submission Criteria
The selection process will include an initial review of proposals by the Escala Public Art Advisory Panel. The panel will consist of a representative from Ledingham McAllister, a public art consultant from Pivotal Urban Art, a member of the Burnaby Arts Council, a representative from the City of Burnaby. Pivotal Urban Art will present submitted artist qualifications to the panel. In the case of a tie a representative from Ledingham McAllister will be awarded a second vote. The Panel will review and decide on a shortlist of up to 5 artists to proceed with Phase II based on the quality of submissions of the following.

  • Artists’ qualifications related to large scale Public Art Projects
  • Letter of Interest detailing the artists involved and preliminary project ideas aligning with their expertise
  • References from Previous Public Art Project Experience or clients
  • Previous experience in managing a Public Art process from design development through to installation
  • Demonstrated capability of working in public & private development contexts


Phase II. Selection Process & Submission Requirements
Artists shortlisted to complete Phase II will receive $1000 for their submissions and concept proposals. For Phase II artists are required to submit a concept proposal meeting the following submission criteria and provide a 10-15 min presentation to the Art Selection Panel:

  • Letter of Intent for the art piece/pieces (no longer than 2 pages)
  • Proposed public engagement component
  • Concept Proposal with accompanying maquette and or detailed project renderings
  • List of the necessary materials for artwork fabrication and installation
  • Detailed project budget
  • Timeline for artwork creation and installation within the framework of the building development timeline

Once an artist is selected both the artist and Ledingham McAllister will be asked to provide written confirmation that they accept the selection. Following this the artist will be required to submit a detailed design for final review by the Art Selection Panel.

Confidentiality of Submitted Works

All information provided to the artist and created by the artist is confidential until official release to the public by either Ledingham McAllister or the City of Burnaby.


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