Chilkoot Trail Artist in Residency Program

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Submit your application to be an artist on the Chilkoot Trail – deadline February 1st, 2016

The Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency Program is an opportunity for Canadian and American artists to be inspired by the natural beauty and the human history of the Chilkoot Trail. In its sixth consecutive year, this program is a unique wilderness backpacking trip, across an international border, passing through Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (Alaska) and Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site (northern British Columbia). The program is a partnership between the Yukon Arts Centre, Parks Canada and the US National Park Service.

The same 53 km that tested Chilkoot Tlingit traders and Klondike Gold Rush stampeders, is now a hikers’ paradise. Average modern hikers take four to five days to complete the trek, whereas the artists will spend two weeks on the Trail interacting with hikers, making art, and engaging with the site’s natural and historic heritage. During and following their residencies, artists will present public outreach programs such as talks, workshops and demonstrations.

The deadline for applications is February 1st, 2016. Program information and applications are available at  

Last year, Canadian filmmaker Michelle Latimer, sculptor Kevin Curry from the United States, and Yukon visual artist Heather Bell Callaghan were selected for the residency. When we asked them: “What were the highlights of your Chilkoot Trail residency?”

They answered:

“The entire experience was just phenomenal and not something I would have been able to do under any other circumstances. Being able to combine my arts practice into this trip was the best thing for me.  And the length of the trip was integral to the process – it was incredible to have time to absorb and experience.”Michelle Latimer

“The time away from everything, we lucked out on weather. The scenery and immersion in the history of the trail. Having time to explore and relax was precious!”Kevin Curry

“I loved being back at Lindeman and being immersed back into such a beautiful place. All of the mountains, huge lakes, and beautiful creeks were medicine for the soul…Being on the Chilkoot is always a highlight as it is in constant change and an extremely diverse landscape. There are always new clouds, winds, sunny days, and fresh breezes that travel through the land and create constant motion. It was wonderful to be back there.” – Heather Bell Callaghan –

For further information, please contact:

Katie Newman, Marketing Director
Yukon Arts Centre


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