FCA Art Workshops and Classes – Autumn 2015

Classes & Workshops, FCA Head Office News


Back to school! As the poet Mark Strand already knew: “There is now end to what we can learn”. With that in mind we created an engaging education program with workshops and classes for artists at every level.

There are workshops that will help you boost your creativity such as Barbara Cadario’s class, “Art Journaling: An Adventure in Creativity”, workshops that will encourage students to challenge boundaries and try new media such as Drew Young’s class “Oil Painting in Abstraction” and workshops that to refine your skills in a certain medium such as Janice Robertson’s class Acrylic Techniques – A Study of Nature” or Gaye Adams’ workshop “Alla Prima Oils – Fast and Fresh”.

The popular Monday’s at the Gallery series offers 1 to 2-day workshops, which are held at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. Our Weekend Workshops are usually 2-day classed held at different locations in Metro Vancouver.

To find out more about our various workshops and to register online, visit our website here.


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