Autumn Salon … it’s about more than Fall!!!

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Here at the FCA, we appreciate that it’s barely August, but it’s never to early to remind submitting artists that the deadline for Autumn Salon is quickly approaching! If you haven’t entered yet, the call is open to Active and Signature FCA members until August 4th. The exhibition will be on the walls of the Federation Gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, from September 8th – 20th. You can submit online here.

There’s the common misconception that Autumn Salon is an exhibition limited to the Fall season, with a strict autumn theme. Not so dear artist! While many artists do take the opportunity to respond to this call with autumnal palettes or subject matter, the vision behind this exhibition isn’t merely limited to the confines of a season.

The purpose of Autumn Salon is to give member artists an opportunity for exhibition, in the Autumn season. So there is no set style or subject matter. It’s that simple!

Autumn (or Fall depending on where you’re from!), is a favourite gallery-going season for many. Ducking between galleries in between trips for hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced-somethings in flurries of leaves (and or rain!), is a celebrated weekend pass-time for many from September through November.

If that isn’t incentive enough, acceptance into Autumn Salon also constitutes a point towards your 2016 Signature Status application, if you were thinking of applying for the next intake.

So earn your point and make sure those seasonal visitors are given the chance to see your artworks by submitting to Autumn Salon today.


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