Award Winners – Limitless

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 Limitless supports the education of emerging artists, by encouraging the creativity of established ones.

A portion of entry fees for this exhibition will go towards creating a $1,000 bursary award to support and assist a student enrolled in a Visual Arts program at the University of British Columb

The Federation of Canadian Artists’ mandate is built upon the belief that art is integral to Canadian society, and it’s up to us as artists and art appreciators to ensure the arts are taught, practiced, understood and shared.

Art education is a large component of achieving these goals. With this in mind, the idea for an online exhibition that recognised the excellence of established artists, while supporting the education of fledgling artists emerged.

 Limitless was born.

Too often artists feel restricted by themed exhibitions with prescribed subject matter, so the purpose of this exhibition enables artists a creative exploration of subject matter and theme that we hope to inspire in future generations of artists.


This entirely online exhibition invited members and non-members alike to compete and contribute in a visual arts opportunity.

Congratulations to the award winners of Limitless

First Place – $500: Patrick Douglass Cox – ‘Washday’

Second Place – $300: Stephen William Baylis – ‘A Metaphor for Life’

Third Place – $200: Joanne Ferster – ‘the color of laughter’



All successful images will exhibit in the Limitless Online Gallery from July 1st – September 30th. Visit our website here to view the complete online exhibition.



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