Call for Submissions – Sketch

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Brand-new FCA exhibition:

Stripped of detail, sketches are creative pieces that carefully consider the visual language of line, composition, perspective, value and colour. Sketches often capture fleeting moments or feelings and as such can often leave deep impressions. A fundamental technical skill and a vital part of the artist’s repertoire, sketching is the ability to quickly record an impression of a person, place, object or moment.  “Sketch” the exhibition, highlights and encourages creative exploration of mediums utilised when sketching.

Allowed Mediums:
Graphite, pen, ink, pencil, charcoal, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, oil. Excluded mediums are photography, digital photography and digital art.

Sketch. Artists are encouraged to creatively explore the process and mediums used for sketching.

Eligilbe to submit: Active and Signature Members of the FCA

Click here for further information and to start your submission process.


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