The Splendor of Canada Crosses Boundaries – Official National Crossing Boundaries Press Release

FCA Exhibitions


The Federation of Canadian Artists and International Artists Gallery collaborate to bring the Splendor of Canada to Vancouver

Vancouver, BC: The 2015 National Crossing Boundaries Art Exhibition takes 60 artists, 30 from the membership of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), 30 from the International Artists Gallery (IAG), and asks them to explore “The Splendor of Canada” through visual discourse.

The exhibition is on display from May 16th – May 24th at the International Artists Gallery in the International Mall and May 26th – June 7th at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. The 2015 National Crossing Boundaries Exhibition invites the public to discover, explore and share their own ideas as to what makes Canada and being Canadian great.

With a grand opening reception at the International Artists Gallery on May 16th at 2 PM, Katherine Chan, co-founder of the International Artists Gallery welcomes visitors to see how differently each artist interprets the splendor of our shared home. “We look forward to welcoming the participating artists to the opening reception to share and celebrate their achievement” she says.

Andrew McDermott, President and Senior Signature member of the FCA who is a featured artist from the exhibition says “Opportunities like this are fantastic for artists; the exhibition is an opportunity to see how other artists respond to themes and motifs we all understand but share and express in different ways”.

The exhibition was born from a strong desire from both organizations to promote the development of appreciation, and understanding and exchanges of arts and culture between artists of Western and Chinese descent who now call Canada home. “With multiculturalism as such a strong fundamental part of Canadian society I see art as a wonderful opportunity for cooperative exchange” says Patrick Meyer, Executive Director of the FCA. “The Federation is helping build bridges within our nation and between our communities… art has that power as it ties together all of humanity.”

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) is a non-profit registered charity with in excess of 2,000 members throughout Canada, and with a gallery located on Granville Island dedicated to supporting, sharing and preserving the visual arts and artists throughout Canada. Founded in 1941 by professional artists including members of the Group of Seven, the FCA offers exhibitions, workshops, competitions, and professional development courses for emerging and established artists.

The International Arts Gallery is a platform for introducing fine artworks of traditional and contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy. It also advocates promotion of cultural exchange between Chinese arts and culture as well as arts and cultures of other countries and area. It aims at inspiring the creativity and originality of artists as well as enhancing the level of appreciation of artworks for the art appreciators.


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