The Scoop on the 2015 Summer Gallery Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artists

Calls for Submissions FCA


Submissions are now live for the Federation of Canadian Artists’ 2015 Summer Gallery!

From now until May 29th Active and Signature FCA members can login to and submit to one of the most sought after display periods at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.

Summer Gallery takes place between June 23rd and August 16th, one of the busiest times of year for tourists to Granville Island. Because of this, Summer Gallery is the most lucrative exhibition for sales as tourists and visitors look to purchase mementos of their travels or gifts for friends back home. We also see an influx of local tourists to the island during the summer months, as Vancouverites look to explore their cultural backyard.

Regular participants in Summer Gallery will have noticed we’ve made some changes to the submission process and exhibition this year in order to provide member artists with an improved and more affordable exhibition opportunity.

For those of you familiar with the exhibition, you’ll recall that unlike usual calls for submission, instead of processing jury on each individual image, jurors for Summer Gallery will look at your image submissions as a whole and jury on the basis of the mini-portfolio you submit via to determine your acceptance.

This year Active and Signature Members can submit up to eight images for the jury panel to consider for the flat rate of $25 for the entire submission, regardless of if you submit one image or the maximum eight for consideration. We would recommend making the most of this opportunity and submitting six – eight images to provide the jurors with a solid overview of the images you’d like to contribute.

If you are successful at jury, you can choose up to six artworks from your application to deliver for display.

This year we’ve separated the exhibition into two display periods, the first runs from June 23rd – July 19th and the second runs from July 21st – August 16th.

By implementing shorter display periods, the rental fee for this exhibition is considerably cheaper per artist than in previous years, at $110. Having two display periods also means that we can offer space to more artists than previous years which in turn means that the exhibition is fresh for visitors throughout the summer season. In this way, Summer Gallery 2015 is not only more affordable but also showcases more of our members than ever before and in turn will encourage even greater sales and visitor numbers than previous years as well.

To make sure all applicants are aware of these and the other changes to the submission process, we created a special PDF guide specifically for Summer Gallery applications. All artists looking to submit must read this document before uploading their images, it covers everything you need to know about Summer Gallery from fees and size restrictions to display periods and delivery dates.

As always if you have any questions about Summer Gallery or any FCA Exhibition Submissions, please contact Helen Duckworth, Gallery Coordinator via

Best of luck with your submissions!


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