Congratulations to the Winners of AIRS 2014

FCA Exhibitions, Special Announcement

Winning Announcement

The jury took place today for AIRS 2014, congratulations to all of the participating and award winning artists. Scroll on to see all of the award winning entries or click above to explore the exhibition in full.

Federation of Canadian Artists Grand Prize – $2,000
Artist: Lalita Hamill, AFCA
Title: Unconditional
Medium: Oil
Hamill, Lalita - Unconditional

Best Figurative Portrait Award – $250
Artist: Jennifer Heine
Title: Buy & Sell
Medium: Acrylic and Oil
Heine, Jennifer - Buy  Sell

Best Landscape / Urbanscape Award – $250
Artist: Heather Hollingsworth
Title: A Break in the Clouds
Medium: Watercolour
Hollingsworth, Heather - A Break In The Clouds

Best Still Life Award – $250
Artist: Colleen Dyson, AFCA
Title: Rhomneya
Medium: Oil
Dyson, Colleen J - RHOMNEYA

Figurative Award of Excellence – $100
Artist: David Goatley, SFCA
Title: Pieta for Syria
Medium: Oil
Goatley, David J - Pieta for Syria

Landscape Award of Excellence – $100
Artist: James Gummerson
Title: Stella
Medium: Acrylic
Gummerson, James - Stella

Still Life Award of Excellence – $100
Artist: Krystle Coughlin
Title: Charge
Medium: Acrylic
Coughlin, Krystle - Charge

Enjoy the full exhibition at or have the exhibition as yours to keep forever! Purchase a dossier featuring full colour photographs of all sixty-three participating artists online today!
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