Digital Exhibition – the First in FCA History!

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The FCA is pleased to provide the first ever Digital Exhibition in FCA history!

Sorry no (unaltered) photos allowed!

Digital Exhibition 2014

Submission Deadline: October 10th (click and scroll down for submissions)

We’d be the first to admit that we’re late to the party on this one, but first, for FCA submission purposes for this exhibition, let’s first explore: what is ‘Digital Art’?

In this instance Digital Photography has been outlawed from the submissions, to much uproar from FCA members and non-members alike. However the decision not to accept unaltered digital photographs was made because the Board believe that Digital Art and Digital Photography are two separate art forms in their own rights.

In order to give Digital Art the credence, justice, (and the wall space in the Federation Gallery) that it deserves, it was determined that the FCA would host a Digital Art Exhibition where unaltered digital photographic entries would not be allowed.

Did you see the unaltered there? Okay okay, so Digital Photographs aren’t outlawed completely from the submissions for this exhibition. For the purposes of this exhibition, the FCA understands Digital Art as art made using digital software, manipulation and creation techniques. (Disagree? Feel free to comment!)

So if you are an artist working in the mixed media approach to Digital Art, working from digital photographs, editing, cutting, manipulating them into your designs, your submissions are allowed. If you are unsure about your art’s eligibility be sure to contact gallery director Mila Kostic via and she’ll be able to assist you.

As always please comment and tell us your thoughts.

If you are ready to submit to the Digital Exhibition click here and scroll down to the submission form. You’ll find the exhibition prospectus there too, filled with information about the entry requirements. You only have until October 10th to enter, so get those pixels moving!


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