Scenes from Western Canada

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scenes from western canada call for artists

The Federation of Canadian Artists is currently taking submissions for the Scenes from Western Canada exhibition. This exhibition is a celebration of all scenes from Western Canada, cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes and beyond. The cultural ‘landscape’ of Western Canada is different from place to place, person to person and as such, this exhibition holds the potential to give insight to individual artists’ own interpretations and experiences of Western Canada. The exhibition is open to all artists, including Supporting, Active, Signature and even non-member artists.

New for the exhibition is an Emerging Artist Category with a $1,000 cash prize award as donated by the late Robert Genn. Applicants for this award must be under 40 years of age.

Applicants need not be members of the Federation to apply to either category.

Robert Genn was a great friend to the Federation of Canadian Artists, not only a member, he helped the FCA throughout his career as an artist and an established teacher. Before his recent passing Robert Genn donated the prize in the hopes that the FCA could attract newer members to our organization, and the FCA are thankful for his generosity.

The deadline for application is August 22nd, artworks must be delivered to the Federation by September 25th for display.

Make sure that if you want to apply under the Emerging Artist category that you scroll down on the submissions page and enter under the submission selection marked:


For full details and to submit click here and visit our website at

The age stipulation for this exhibition has been a big talking point amongst our members with hot debate about what stage (and more specifically what age) in your artistic journey you became emerging and or established artists. So weigh in and comment, when did you emerge as an artist? Did you set you consider there to be criteria in order to become an established artist? What are those criteria or personal goals? Please remember to respect the opinions of others, anyone posting personal and or offensive remarks will be removed.


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