Welcome to the Official Blog of the Federation of Canadian Artists!

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Hello friends of The Federation of Canadian Artists !

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Welcome to our new blog. The FCA blog is the brain-child of the FCA Marketing team, who you’ll be introduced to through blog posts gradually, over time! 

The purpose of the blog is to create better connections between FCA members and Chapters to strengthen our art community. The FCA Marketing Team, consisting of Executive Director Patrick Meyer, Administrative Assistant Helen Duckworth, artist and blogger Susana Roque, and FCA member artists Olga Rybalko and Doreen Isaak came together to discuss how the FCA not only present themselves as an organization, but how we communicate with our membership and followers.

To date the FCA already has a thriving art community on Facebook, a twice monthly e-newsletter and the well received and much-anticipated Art Avenue publication, sent to members six times annually.

So why start a blog? Facebook and other forms of social media are fantastic for quick up-to-the-minute and brief updates, bi-monthly e-newsletters act as a great summary of monthly events and Art Avenue is a great benefit of FCA membership with glossy full colour images for reference and in-depth member articles delivered directly to your doorstep.

The downside to social media? It only allows for brief interaction with you the members and followers, and although a slice is nice, people often want more! The bi-monthly e-newsletters are great for reminders of goings on, but again can’t offer the in-depth information lots of members look for to stay connected. As for Art Avenue, it’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with us as an organization but at six times annually members aren’t always getting their ‘FCA fix’ as often as they’d like.

So the FCA Blog was born, we’re in the testing stages, so please look around, comment and submit. Primarily we are looking to Chapters to submit content, but please feel free to get in touch if you have some interesting FCA related content you feel should feature here.

Without further ado I will pass you over to Susana Roque, blog administrator to tell you a little more about herself and our goals for the FCA blog.

Happy Commenting!

Helen Duckworth – FCA Administrative Assistant

My name is Susana Roque. I am the blog administrator at the FCA ! I would like to thank everyone for being here and for reading these entries, as well as for contributing to the project. This site supports artists and their work. It is a space in which you can learn about what is happening at the FCA and then participate in the arts. With current information about what is happening in the different FCA chapters across BC, we can work together to enrich our creative communities.

This blog is for FCA members as well as for the arts communities in BC. I hope you will use this space to help create a supportive environment for your art.

The posts have come from many dedicated volunteers from different FCA chapters in B.C. If you would like to submit an article or an announcement, please do not hesitate to  contact us. You are equally welcome to submit your comments or more information below the posts.

I am a contemporary artist. My main body of work has been in photography this past year but I also work in all mediums (sculpture, drawing and multi-media). Like most contemporary artists in BC, my art training consisted in learning a lot about combining images and text together in different media. I am taking this a step further to incorporate dialogue and story telling in my work through video and multimedia. My main area of interest at the moment is in making interactive ebooks or enhanced books for the web. I am interested in mixing different kind of art forms – such as video, photography, sound and animation – with multimedia and computing science. I look forward to learning more about how to make books more creative with art, technology and writing. The main site where I put my art and interactive projects is www.sketchbookcommunications.com.

I also enjoy art journaling, where I like to put poetry together with photography and drawings . It is like a journal but  it has more art. You can look at it at http://www.susanaroque.com/blog.php.

Please let me know more about what kinds of things you would like to see covered in these posts or any other ideas you may have to build our growing community- and it is growing : ) Feel free to  keep the FCA the blog posts alive with your feedback. It’s here to help build a community of artists in BC. Enjoy it !!  I warmly invite you to COME IN !!

Thank you

Susana Roque


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