Paintings by Numbers 2014

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Paintings by Numbers 2014 – FCA Gala Fundraiser

Deposits for tickets to the FCA Gala Fundraiser are available via our website now! Read on to find out more about our highly anticipated fundraiser and visit to reserve your ticket now.

Friday November 7 2014
6 pm – 10 pm
Performance Works
1218 Cartwright St.
Granville Island

Including entry for two people, an exhibition dossier, complimentary beverage and one original artwork from an FCA Signature artist

How it Works

o Doors open at 6pm, each ticket holder is greeted with a number
o Guests can then view the exhibition, enjoy some refreshments and start to decide which work they would like to take home using the exhibition dossier
o Numbers start to be drawn at 7pm
o The first number drawn gets first choice of all of the paintings in the exhibition
o The second number drawn gets the second choice, third, third choice and so on until all the numbers are drawn
o Each ticket holder gets two minutes once their number has been announced to make a selection
o There are breaks throughout the evening for guests to review the exhibition
o Each ticket holder is guaranteed a painting, as donated by our talented member artists, by the end of the evening

The purchase of a ticket not only ensures you an original painting by an FCA member artist and a fantastic evening, but also assists the FCA with supporting funds to continue our services and educational programming.

The proceeds from Paintings, by Numbers go a long way to supporting the FCA’s goals and programs. A huge thank you to the contributing artists. Without their generosity the evening would not be possible. Thanks also to the sponsors, volunteers, directors, staff, service providers, host and above all, those who buy tickets for this fabulous event.


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