Shipping Your Painting Back : the Gallery has a New Shipping Policy

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In the first shipping article in the January/February issue of Art Avenue I spoke about bringing and shipping your painting to the Federation Gallery. In this issue, I’ll deal with picking up your painting and having it shipped back to you.

Picking up Your Painting from the Gallery

Every show at the gallery ends on a Sunday. I’m not back to work until the following Wednesday, at which point the inventory is not yet shelved and labeled and easily found. If you can, please wait until Thursday to pick up your painting in order to minimize confusion. If you need it sooner, just call ahead at 604.681.8534 or email shipping and I will be able to have your piece out front for you. Email is best.

Shipping Your Painting Back Effective immediately the gallery has a new shipping policy:

The artist is now responsible for their own return shipping arrangements.

It is up to the artist to arrange for return shipment and to have their shipment paid for. The easiest way to do this is to generate a return label at the same timeyou ship to the gallery. For instance, if you use Fedex, just print up or ask for a return label and include it with your shipment. I will pack your box and use the return label. Should your artwork sell, there’s no problem. You are only charged when the item travels. There are two exceptions to our new policy

Canada Post and Greyhound Courier Express.

Canada Post:

If you send your painting by mail you MUST include with your painting the shipping form provided by the Federation Gallery. It can be downloaded from our website at: (> Member Resources > Gallery Submissions > Downloadable Shipment Form

Provide your credit card information on this form. Please include your name as it appears on thecard and the number on the back of the card. There is a $3.50 cent charge (plus tax = $3.68) that will appear as a separate charge on you credit card statement in addition to the mailing charges.

Please include a shipping form in all your shipmentsto the gallery. I do keep a log of all the shipments leaving the gallery and the forms are another way I keep track of things and I can refer to past shipments if need be.

Greyhound Courier Express:

Greyhound does not require a credit card. All Greyhound return shipments are collect and you are billed at your end. Youcan have your package held for pickup at a location convenient to you and pay the, saving a few. You don’t need to arrange for the return shipment, I’ll fill our the waybill for you. However you ship your work to the gallery, please be sure to include the shipment form. It is used as a record along with a shipping log here at the gallery and helps me keep track of things.

Thanks and have a productive, wildly creative summer. I really love looking at all your artwork. They are an inspiration to me and many others who comein to the gallery.

Ted Fraser

Federation Gallery





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